We are an independent advisory firm focused on raising capital from a range of exclusive clients, with a particular focus on the MENA and Asia regions.

GAK Capital provides advice and opportunities grounded in real life experience and backed by a strong track record in asset management across various classes. We raise capital from a wide variety of clients including sovereign wealth funds, central banks, state-owned development funds, family offices, institutional investors and privately held funds.

Our Approach

We only offer investment solutions that we are confident in and know are aligned with our clients’ goals. Our mission is to identify and facilitate access to specialised and niche opportunities for our clients – from proven investment firms with whom we have existing, long-standing relationships.

At GAK Capital, we believe in doing things differently. We search deeper and more broadly to find unique managers, and ensure we spend time with them before recommending them to our clients.

A Strong Track Record in Asset Management

We recognise that every client’s objectives and views are different. We also understand the value expectations that drive our clients and our network, and offer the capability of a fully bespoke and tailored approach, helping our clients to produce unique portfolios.

Long-only value equity and global growth strategies.

We manage cross-sector US and European private equity, buyouts, pre-IPO strategies and fund-of-funds.

Early stage Silicon Valley transformative technologies, clean-tech, and fund-of-fund venture capital strategies.

Long/Short US financials.

US and European real estate strategies, including Real Estate Investment Trusts and funds.