We combine our global experience and track record with leading US and European managers to deliver unique and valuable opportunities to our long-standing clients in the MENA and Asia regions.

Led by Ghassan Abdul Karim, a highly-experienced and well renowned senior banker and capital advisor, GAK Capital leverages the long-standing track record and expertise of a network of specialist investment firms to work for its clients.

Our Clients

GAK Capital works with a full range of global investors, with specific strength in the MENA and Asia regions. Our relationships span sovereign wealth funds, central banks and state-owned development funds to institutional investors and privately held funds.

Our Network of Specialist Investment Firms

We have developed a network of managers, primarily in the US and Europe, that offer a comprehensive variety of superior investment products and opportunities. These products fall into the full spectrum of asset classes, including public equity, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and real estate.